About Us

Our Story

We started Whistle & Humm in 2016 to cater to the readily growing community of people who shop online and desire products that fit in with global trends and quality standards. We wanted to put forward fun, contemporary and cool designs that we couldn’t find in stores and make a dent in the universe by delivering durable footwear, which would serve as a means of self-expression whether at work, travelling, chilling out at home or living it up at a party. Thus, Pakistan’s first online footwear specific brand for women and children was born.

Our Philosophy

Whoever we are, whatever our style, wherever we are from it’s always the uncomplicated moments that remain precious to us; stories that begin somewhere instead of here are the most memorable. It’s that wonderment of the first; the first word, the first step that led us to create Whistle & Humm. Our vision is to be a couture club for women and children who wear their personality on their feet; everyday, all the time.

Our Values

  • To deliver products that are made to last and provide quality that you will remember like a tune you never forget!

  • Making each pair of shoes enjoyable to you with contemporary designs, quirky prints, fun textures and classic solids.

  • The Whistle & Humm experience will allow you to be cool, be playful, be yourself and always land on your feet.

The W&H Anthem

I am far, I am close,
That’s just how the story goes,
A hum in my heart, a song in my hair,
Whistling takes me everywhere.
Muddy puddles on the road,
Fiery dragons trapped below,
Whistling a tune to take me far,
The flash of a vanilla yellow car.
Following the lemon snail,
I head home on a whistling trail,
Dancing on a thunderstorm,
My feet know where my heart belongs.

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